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[ # ] The MTV movie awards were all about Tom Cruise, Betty White and Sandra Bullock!
June 7th, 2010 under Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri, VH1/MTV

Are you like me and didn’t watch the MTV Movie awards? Well according to what I read, these were the best segments from the show. So instead of wasting 2 hours on it we only had to waste less than 15 minutes of our time. I was shocked how well Tom Cruise could move, not only in that fat suit but in general. Although I don’t get why MTV was so hot on having Tom Cruise do Les Grossman because Tropic Thunder is so two years ago. I thought they wanted to be relevant, why else would they have New Moon sweep the awards show otherwise?
Well at least they were relevant by giving Sandra Bullock the MTV Generation Award because last year was her movie year and having her BFF Betty White give it to her was also smart because this is her year! I loved how Betty described all of Sandra’s movies, she is just so witty! I also loved Sandra’s classy speech. You have to hand it to her for having such grace under such tough circumstances. As she said let’s move on!
But before we do, you got to love since she kissed Scarlett Johansson’s husband Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal, that it was only fair she got to kiss Scarlett too. Even though Ryan wasn’t able to be there, you know that he enjoyed seeing his wife kissing his co-star and is totally dreaming of a three-way between them. The one person who probably didn’t enjoy that smooch was Jesse James who kissed that opportunity goodbye. I hope that kiss gave him nightmares because he so deserves it for what he did to her. At least now she has Louis in her life, he is more of man than Jesse is.



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