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[ # ] CBS want 5 more episode of Accidentally on Purpose!!!
November 3rd, 2009 under CBS, Jenna Elfman

CBS finally announced today that they are ordering 5 more episodes of their hit comedy Accidentally on Purpose!!! The show had its highest ratings yesterday since the premiere and that is an amazing accomplishment because they were up against a kick a$$ World Series game with the Yankees.
While 5 episodes is not a full season pick up it is better than nothing. I am wondering if they only ordered 5 episodes to accommodate Jenna Elfman’s real life pregnancy? Or it could be for some reason CBS thinks we still want to see Rules of Engagament and this is the only hole they have because all of their sitcoms are doing well on Monday and Wednesday. Either way I am thrilled they are sticking with Accidentally on Purpose because the show keeps getting better and better each week. So make sure to check it out this Monday and every Monday at 8:30p on CBS! But before then watch the above interview I did with Jon Foster (Zach) and check out Nicolas Wright’s (Davis) behind-the-scene videos. Nic Video Blogs every week and they are a lot of fun to watch like the show itself!



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