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March 2nd, 2009 under ABC, Rob Lowe

(photo from WireImage)
Rob Lowe was told to lay low on the sun tanning according to WENN.

He says, "I got a phone call from the president of ABC who said, 'You're getting too dark. Seriously, stay out of the sun.' I go, 'I'm not tanning. I'm active. I surf and I kayak.'"

And Lowe blames his pale co-stars for him now having to slather on the sunscreen before stepping outside.

He adds, "If you stand next to Calista Flockhart, anybody's going to look like (singer) Harry Belafonte. I wear (sunscreen) over my entire face and a hat that has a chin strap. I look like the biggest idiot."

I think Stephen McPherson, the head of ABC is making a big mistake because Rob Lowe's tan really brings out his gorgeous blue eyes. I think if anything Calista Flockhart should get some sun before Rob stops.



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