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[ # ] 5 new Reality Star Couples enter Marriage Boot Camp tonight!
June 3rd, 2016 under WeTV

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is back in session tonight at 9p on WE TV and there are 5 new couples who need help to save their relationships.
The first couple to arrive is Cody and Michelle, who met on Bachelor Paradise. Even though he wants to get married, she doesn’t want to. She hates that he takes to many Selfies, but he needs to do it for his job. But is that what is really wrong between them?
Toya’s A Family Affair’s Toya and Mephitz are married, but they don’t live together. He feels like she is her mom and blames her for everything that is going wrong with his career. Can the married couple handle living together again during Boot Camp?
America’s Next Top Model’s Lisa D’Amato and her husband Adam make quite the entrance when he shows up in a military jeep. That’s because he is a Doomsday Prepper and Lisa isn’t happy about it. She also wants another kid and he doesn’t think she is ready. Is there marriage doomed?
Brittish and Lorenzo have been engaged for two years. She doesn’t trust him when he talks to other women. He thinks she needs to get her anger under control which is understandable because she tried to run him over with a car. Will these set a wedding date or an end date when it is all over?
Last up is Dean and he shows up alone because Tara Reid is busy filming a movie. That’s the problem with their relationship, they are just too busy for each other. He is told by Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll unless Tara show’s up, their game will be over before it even starts. Will he get her there in time?
While Dean looks for Tara, the 4 couples are interviewed by Montel Williams. The talk show host uncovers even more about these couples and you have to wonder if any of them will survive Marriage Boot Camp. Will they? We will just have to tune in every Friday to find out.
The preview of the season makes it look like a marriage made in Hell, which means it will be must see TV.


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