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December 31st, 2011 under SOW Greetings

2011 is almost over and Daniel Tosh pretty much summarized it on his show Tosh.O back in mid-November. So sit back and watch how he described in a way only he can get away with it.
The only thing he didn’t comment on was how Kim Kardashian proved that same-sex marriage should be legal because gays believe in the sanctity of marriage more than Sinead O’Connor and her do!
And to conclude my post on 2011 the that was… I want to say my person of the year is Gabrielle Giffords who unintentionally risked her life for her constituents and proved politicians can care about the people they represent. She also showed us a strength and courage that is so admirable and did not ask for herself but for others as continued to heal from a gunshot to head. She is a role model that kids of all ages can look up to and respect. In a year when we have gotten so sick of politicians and their bullsh!t, it is nice to have one that is the complete opposite.
So 2011 I bid you farewell and say hello 2012!!!


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