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[ # ] 10 Truths About Love is the perfect RomCom for Valentine’s Day
February 12th, 2022 under Tubi TV

Tubi is getting into the RomCom business with 10 Truths About Love, and it is the perfect movie for date nights. If you don’t have a date, it is just as perfect because you will feel like you are on one.

Carina (Camilla Belle) writes a love and romance column. She knows a lot about love because she has the perfect boyfriend, Tom (Karn Kalra), and she thinks he is going to propose to her. Instead, he breaks up with her.

To make matters worse, her boss just assigned her a co-worker who doesn’t have the same perspective about love and romance as she does. Liam (David Lafontaine) is the opposite of her. She likes lists, and he doesn’t. She believes in order, and he doesn’t. She believes in love, and he doesn’t.

However, when Liam finds out that Carina’s boyfriend dumped her, he says he will help her get him back. So together, they decided to write a column about that.

The more Liam tries to get Carina back with her ex, the more they realize that opposites do attract. However, neither one has told the other one that. Things get even more complicated when her ex tells her he wants her back.

Who is she going to choose? You are just going to have to watch this movie that is as sweet as the sweetest box of chocolates and as beautiful as the prettiest roses.

If this is what the RomComs on Tubi are going to be like, Hallmark and Lifetime have some serious competition, and I am all for it. Especially because they have so many other romantic comedies spend Valentine’s Day and any day with.


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