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[ # ] Kym Johnson had a nip slip on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars
March 21st, 2008 under Celeb Oops, Dancing with the Stars

Feeding Tube
If you watch the YouTube video you will see the nip slip about 4:11 in and I can’t believe someone was able to catch it because I sure as heck couldn’t. But then again I wasn’t looking for it.
Poor Kym Johnson, I have a feeling she will be wearing pasties from now on.


  • jacqueline franklin

    hi kym i am so priad doad you and donny won doncing with the strs last niat.

  • samuel

    I think that so very much credit should go to you because with your professional assistance Donny was able to win the trophy. You are such a lovely lady and so extremely talented and are truly gorgeous.


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