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[ # ] OMG Gene Simmons is bald!!!
March 10th, 2008 under A&E, KISS

(photos © A&E)
So there have been all these rumors that Gene Simmons wears a wig and is really bald, and now it looks like we are going to finally learn the truth this season on Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E. The third season of Family Jewels premieres tomorrow night on A&E at 10p with back-to-back episodes. I am not sure when we will find out the bald truth about Gene, but all I do know is that these pictures are from this season of the show. I guess you can say that Gene Simmons comes Mr. Clean about his hair!
So tune in to the hair-raising (those who have hair) antics of the Simmons Family…Gene, Shannon Tweed, Sophie, Nick and Snippy tomorrow and every Tuesday on A&E at 10p.

  • He looks different without his make-up. Much more if he’s really bad. I dont think so Gene is bald. Some speculations about him wearing a wig and he’s really bald. The fact is Gene Simmons is Gene Simmons. If he’s bald okay.

  • duh big deal he’s bald

  • pffft

    i find it funny how this society will mock a guy for being bald, make him feel like less of a human being and utterly unworthy of quality female attention yet tear him down mercilessly when he tries to remedy this situation and look normal again with a peice. GOD FORBID

    some guys go reeeal young ,which severly fucks with their heads & self confidence and magicaly turning into vin diesel isnt going to make them self confident, especially with all the girls their own age out there who think them chemo patients & wont give them the time of day; not evey white guy (or even most) look anything but sickly without hair. Do to no fault of their own.

    going in your 30s and 40s is doable. but what about 20’s, or even teens? are these guys just supposed to shave their heads and ‘get on with it’ and honestly expect to have the social lives as their less affected friends? what kind of advice is that- get over it?

    you can’t have it both ways. People just want to be fucking cruel & pounce on anyone lacking and thats all there is to it

  • ROE

    Hey pfffft….Well, unfortunately when men are balding, most women are totally turned off by it, just the way men are turned off by “fat” chicks. Either way, it’s a bald cap, not his real hair, which is much worse to be having molded up there on his head. i bet you could pull all the hair out of his head with one handful lmao!!!!

  • Russ H

    I think he looks better this way. He probably shaves his head so the wigs can fit perfectly.

  • Who cares? John Travolta too, wigs are so much easier than styling your real hair, and Beyonce’s what, $11 million worth should tell you something. They are all over and so many talk about how fun and simple they are. The stigma they carry is 30 years old.

    Regardless, Guys have the right to have nice hair too. I don’t care if it’s a wig, he looks good with it on, if he feels good, leave him alone.

  • VX

    He looks 100x better bald… dare I say even sexy!

  • WooleyWomen

    I think Gene looks younger bald. Whether he wears a wig or it is his real hair, “it” needs something. “It” doesn’t look realistic or flattering. My husband and I love the show and love the devotion to their kids!

  • Pete

    OMG that is so totally photoshop’d. Look close and you can see the lines where they were not very good at covering it up.

  • carla kay

    Gene looks good bald … better than with that dyed page boy hairstyle. He looks younger bald.

  • JRoc

    I think he looks cool bald to be honest.. that rat nest darth vader helmet of a wig he has been wearing for the last million years looks like crap

  • big daddy

    he should try out for the king and I.

  • amy

    He looks so much better bald!! Hot! The wig looks absolutely ridiculous! And if he is hell bent on wearing a wig then get a new that looks decent for Christ sake!!

  • There’s a bundle to find out about this. You made good points also.

  • Betz

    looks great without make up and hair. another Yul Brynner.

  • Daniel

    i think its kinda unfair to say that his hair looks terrible, he’s had his hair like that since the 70’s and it would just be weird if he changed it after all these years

  • English Welcome

    I think he looks MUCH better bald. I suppose, though, it would destroy his “evil” image when he performs. Personally, I think all bald is sexy!

  • diane

    Looks better to me!

  • Hoopero

    There is no way that Gene Simmons is bald. Follow my logic on this one. If Simmons were bald that would mean that he wears a wig. If he wears a wig that would mean that he has made a consious decision about how he wants to look. No one of sound mind and body, given a free choice would choose to look like Gene Simmons. No that has to be his real hair.

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  • JeffCOckmann

    damn he looks better without any hair than with that fucking shit that he has over his head currently, fucking thing looks like its made out of my pubic hair..

  • Mungo

    HE IS A POOR MUSICIAN, a great entertainer & must pay Shannon $1Mill every year. so what ?

  • Joanna

    He looks better bald. That wig is a nightmare. Gene, you look way younger without the wig. Enjoy your life and natural good looks!

  • Lara

    I think he looks way….better! That fake hair was Horrible!! I didn’t realize he had such nice facial features,, and a real man can rock it!! Who cares what a few idiots think :/ it only matters what the ones you love think…

  • sue

    l new he was bald,, so stupid, how could l have not seen it before now,, when he was getting ready for his wedding,, he tugged at his hair and it moved…. lose the hair my friend,, bald men are sexy

  • Sally

    If this is an actual picture of Gene Simmons, he looks 100% better au natural! He’s actually nice looking and younger looking without that horrible shoe polish, brillo pad hair. I hope this is real and he finds the confidence to continue looking so great.

  • Eddie C

    Yeah he’s bald. That wig is like ‘kabuwak yang bulbul’.

  • Daniel

    That is a terrible photoshop.
    I can’t believe anyone actually believes those are real, unphotoshopped pictures.

    Do you think he has third degree burns on his head that caused those lines? LOL. No! That is just a bad photoshop. If you look at, the site that this picture came from, you will also see a horrible photoshop of Brett Michaels looking bald.

    You people are incredibly stupid.

  • mario

    he’s not bald,,this was a skull cap fot his a and e show family jewels…it’s on the show…gene has bad hair yes…but 40 years of catching it on fire and hair spray will make your hair look dry and brittle like gene’s…

  • linlee

    wow what a difference! actually looks sexy. This is a winning look for him even if it is photoshopped. Love his reality show. Amazing businessman. Glad he didnt turn out like Ozzy Osbourne. Simmons’ show is really interesting and it is wonderful all the charity work they do especially for our vetetans. Shannon Tweed really appears to be an exceptional mother. As a wife she has her hands full having to deal with the disrespectful behavior of the groupies and hohohoes. I dont envy that for her.

  • Phuck Ewe

    If he’s not bald, he should seriously consider shaving his head because he looks way better this way.

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