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[ # ] John Travolta wants to fly the Spice Girls around in their jet
October 10th, 2007 under John Travolta, Spice Girls

John Travolta has made an offer, I hope the Spice Girls turn down. According to Digital Spy the Scientology pilot has offered to fly the girls across the Atlantic in Spice Force One.
He said: "It sounds like an amazing plane. They don't do things by halves."

Travolta, who is a certified pilot and owns five aeroplanes, added: "I've been flying since 1974 when I earned my wings. Every cent of my paychecks went to flying lessons."

Personally I don't care if he flies the Spice Girls around as long as they wait until after I see them in Los Angeles.
BTW I wonder if Tom Cruise's friendship with Posh Spice influenced John Travolta's decision or he just wants to do it so he can fly Spice Force One?


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