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[ # ] Snooki disses Jessica Simpson
April 27th, 2012 under Snooki, Uncategorized

(photo from Jessica Simpson’s Twitter)

As we all know Jessica Simpson has gotten larger than most Hollywood starlets when they are pregnant and now someone from the other coast is dissing her. Snooki told Us Weekly she about five months along and she is waiting for her baby bump to come. But as excited as the Jersey Shore star is to see it, she “would die if I were her (Jessica Simpson) size.” She better watch her words because she is so tiny, chances are she is going to have a pretty big bump and then Jessica Simpson can say something about her size.


  • leelee

    Most celeb moms who flaunt their tiny baby bumps diet while pregnant, maintain a rigorous exercise regimen, and sked their planned c sections a month before the baby is actually due. Jessica Simpson isn’t doing those things, she’s put the health and well being of her baby ahead of Hollywood vanity and selfishness. She is what most normal women look like when they’re naturally voluptuous and pregnant. She’ll be an awesome, loving mom.

  • Chris

    If I were Snooki, I’d be more concerned about my kid watching me in re-runs of “Jersey Shore” and asking me why I was making out with a girl, and less concerned about passing judgement on someone else.

  • bobo

    Jessica is fattening up for her big Weight Watchers payday, so she doesn’t have to worry about it. She might as well enjoy eating while she has the chance.

    Having seen Jersey Shore, the girl kissing is going to be the least of that child’s worries.

  • London

    It’s women like Jessica Simpson that make me terrified to ever get pregnant! …But I guess she’s always been a bit chunky. Staying active and eating healthier foods (something she clearly does not do) could help that little Oompa Loompa Snooki from becoming a land whale like Jessica.

  • Natalie

    Pregnant women are supposed to gain weigt. As long as Jessica and her doctor don’t feel she is doing anything to endanger herself or her baby, then she can do whatever the hell she pleases.

    As for Snooki, I hope she gets even fatter than she was just a year ago.

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