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Do the McDonald’s Happy Meal Minion’s toys sound like their cursing?
July 10th, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Minions are the hottest thing out there for kids right now, and McDonald’s has them in their Happy Meal boxes. Well in Orlando a grandfather and a grandmother got the toy for their grandchild and they told WFTV that they were shocked by what it said. They could swear the cute little yellow plastic toy is saying, “what the f*ck?” and “I’ll be damned.”
I listened to the video and I can hear the, “I’ll be damned,” but the other one doesn’t really sound like “what the f*ck,” to me. What are you hearing?
Here’s what McDonald’s says you should be hearing, “para la bukay,” “hahaha” and “eh eh.” I definitely don’t hear that. Do you?
After all of this controversy, I am going to McDonald’s and get a Happy Meal with a cursing toy inside that makes me happy!


Would you go to the bathroom in an elevator?
June 4th, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

They say, “What goes up, must come down.” And they also say, “What goes in, must come out.” What if you combine the two in an elevator? That’s what they are hoping to do in Japan by adding toilets to an elevator according to the Washington Post. Before you are like, you can’t hold it in for two minutes. That is not why they are doing it. What happens if your elevator gets stuck due to something like a major quake, then what are going to do after you say it? If you are in Japanese lift, then you can use their emergency throne. Makes perfect sense, but not sure I would be able to do it with a bunch of strangers watching, would you be able to go poopy in that poopy catcher? Maybe they need to add a curtain to that emergency pouch.


A high school senior’s worst nightmare!
May 29th, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Remember when you were a high school senior, the thing you dreaded most was taking the SATs? Once you were done, you were happy you would never have to do that again? Well, what if you found out days before you are supposed to graduate that your test got lost in the mail and you would have to take it all over again. That is what happening to about 300 students at Broad Run High School in Ashburn, Va.
According to WTOP they never reached their destination. They were supposedly sent via UPS, but UPS has no record of ever picking them up. Where are they? No one knows.
So what happens now? They have the option to take them again next month if they want to, but at the point it is like why? You either got into the school of your choice or you didn’t. Plus, you have bigger things to worry about like getting the perfect prom date and whose graduation parties you are going to go to.


First comes love, then come a pizza that could kill you!
May 28th, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Australia’s Pizza Hut and Four’N Twenty got together and made a baby. That baby is a little bit of both of them. Pizza Hut’s pizza crust has Four’N Twenty’s steak pies embedded in it. I don’t know if that looks like it’s the yummiest thing I’ve ever seen or the deadliest. I think it is a little bit of both.
Just when I think they can’t come up with any more delectable yet wacky food combinations, they do. I am afraid to ask what is next because you know it is coming.


This photo will mess with your head!
April 3rd, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Take a look at this photo and tell me if you see Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe? If you see the blonde bombshell, you need glasses. Why? Watch the video below from MIT to find out because it is too scientific for me to explain!
How E=mc^2 is that? Now go send that photo to your friends and mess with their heads just like I did yours!


Hey Burger Kings, Do you want your lovers to smell like The Whopper?
March 18th, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Men are more attracted to a woman who smells like food than flowers, so Burger King in Japan created a perfume just for them. For one day only, Burger King Japan, is releasing an eau de toilette called Flame-Grilled, and it smells like their most famous sandwich, The Whopper.
That one day is April 1st aka April Fool’s Day, so we are not sure if they are serious about it. But I hope that they are because I want bottle of the sweet smelling stuff. Since I was born on the release day, who wants to buy it for me as a present? It only costs 5,000 yen, before you think that’s a lot of money, that is equal to about $41.50 in The States. What a steal!
So Burger Kings, does this idea get your Whopper excited? I know it’s got my mouth craving a big juicy whopper!


Akron police are looking for a serial pooper!
March 13th, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: 1 ]

There is a man in Akron, Ohio, who is going around and pooping on cars. The unknown crap, I mean man, whose initials we will say are BMW for Bowel Movement Wacko, has left his mark on at least 19 parked cars in driveways and kids’ toys so far. Why he is doing this in the Castle Homes Neighborhood, we don’t yet and I can’t wait to hear his rationale.
The Akron Police Department have released a photo of BMW doing his doodie, I mean duty, I mean doodie, and are asking the public to come forward if they see him in action.
What I love most about the sh!t’s, I mean guy’s, face in the police photo, is that it reminds me of male cat’s face when he sprays something of yours to let you know he’s pissed at you.
Back to the serial pooper, I guess he had too much cereal with fiber before he goes on his pooping spree around Akron during the overnight hours.
Hopefully, when the police catch BMW red butted, his pants will be up. Cops have a crappy enough job as it is, and they don’t need to cuff a man who is in mid-poop.


Not the green you want to see on the golf course!
March 11th, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Fore, there’s a huge alligator on the 7, is not something you would expect to hear when you playing golf. But that is exactly what several golfers faced when they were playing a game at the Myakka Pines Golf Club in Engelwood, Florida the other day.
Talk about a handicap because who is going to be stupid enough to dare to go near that gator to get their ball in the hole. I don’t think that all the clubs in your bag would take out that guy. Granted, I don’t think any of the golfers would do the deed, isn’t that why they have caddies?
So what do you do while you wait for him to go back to where ever he came from? You take out your camera until he goes away. Then you pray that someone takes him out because he would make a nice pair of shoes, a belt, a golf club bag and maybe a purse for the wife.
BTW I hope that Syfy sees these photos because I think it would make a great movie of the week, Gatolf.

UPDATE: Here is one more photo of Gatolf that shows just how massive he really is. Where is Caddyshack’s Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) when you really need him?


Peeps flavored milk!!!
March 5th, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: 1 ]

The good news is that Prairie Farms came out with Peeps flavored milk, the bad news is it is only available in the Midwest. Although, that might be a good thing because I would be drinking a carton of the Marshmallow Milk and Chocolate Marshmallow Milk at least once a day. Seriously, how yummy do those flavors and the Easter Egg Nog Milk sound? As yummy as a Peep on Easter Sunday.
BTW we now have Peeps flavored milk, pizza crust covered in bacon and Cotton Candy Oreos, I am afraid of what else the crazy marketers are going to come up with next to tempt us to eat more unhealthy crap. It is getting so hard to turn all of this stuff down.


That’s one way to get Carrot Top to stop doing Autofellatio
March 3rd, 2015 under Odd. [ Comments: 2 ]

We know that Carrot Top likes to use a lot of different props during his act and the latest one got his dog going WTarF? That’s because he stole his pooch’s cone when the little one was done using it. Why he is wearing it, we don’t know. But we can only assume that he is donning his new collar to stop him from licking his balls. Right?


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