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Does this guy have the worst name ever?
November 25th, 2014 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

via NY Post
Just when you thought that celebrity kids have the worst names in the world, comes a person in Florida who makes their names sound normal. The man’s name is Phuc Kieu. Can you think of a name worse that that? I mean it is fun for late night hosts trying to make a joke about it, but to this guy it has to be awful. Imagine introducing yourself to people? Someone asks him, “What’s your name?” He says, “Phuc Kieu.” They say, “No, Phuc Kieu.”


NYC’s sexy taxi drivers got their own calendar!
October 3rd, 2014 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

NYC’s firefighters have their own calendar and now the city’s Taxi Drivers got one too. It is so hot that the NYFD is going to have to put it out. For just $14.99, you can look at these 12 Beefcakes whenever you want to know what day it is in the year, 2015. Or you can look at them whenever you want to be reminded how sexy the people who drive you around the Big Apple really are. If I knew they were so hunkalicious, I would take a cab more often when I go to Manhattan instead of walking. But then again it costs you the same amount of money to buy the calendar as it does to go a block in the city that never sleeps, and you know what, it totally seems worth it now.
To see more of those cute cabbies, then click here!


A woman spent $20,000 to get a third breast!
September 22nd, 2014 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

So you know how on the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Freak Show, Angela Bassett has three breasts, and you thought that is impossible?
Well Jasmine Devil paid $20,000 to get a third boob added between her two natural ones. Why? She says she decided she doesn’t want to date anymore and that men would find her unattractive with it? She’s obviously never dated a boob man because they could care less what your chest looks like as long as you have two. So three is even better for so many things. Things I don’t have to spell out for you because you know what I am talking about.
What is her dream job with them? She says that she is pitching a reality show called Jasmine Jugs that she really wants MTV to pick it up. Then she added, “My main motivation is fame and fortune.”
She later explained in the video that she told her parents on camera about the surgery and her mother hates them. She filmed their reaction for her reality show and she says that she wants to put reality back in reality TV.
Granted she is doing that with three fake boobs. Tridevil admitted that her born given ones have implants and they are bigger than the third one. She is hoping to get another surgery where her third breast will be a D-cup like the other two and not a C-cup. I don’t know about you, but I thought the middle one looked bigger than the outer ones.
Now I have to comment about this whole thing. As a woman with two breasts, I seriously don’t get why she wanted a third one. I have enough problems with the ones that Gd gave me, I can’t even imagine carrying around another one. Ladies, could you? And men, what do you think of them?
Finally, when it comes to her reality show, I can see her being featured on one E!. I could totally see her on Botched because as she admitted, she had a hard time finding a doctor who would do it. The one that did, made her sign a confidentiality agreement because what he did is against the code of ethics. Enough said.


The new creation from the Cronuts’ creator looks phallic
August 7th, 2014 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

The people behind the Cronuts debuted their latest creation on Good Morning America today and it’s the Pretzel Lobster Tail. I think it looks more like a pen!s or an elephant’s snout rather than lobster’s tail. What do you think it looks like?
Will you wait on line for it like you did the Cronut? To me, I think they have run out of ideas with this thingy because what is it really a combination of? It’s not like there is any lobster tail in it, it is just shaped as one. I say they need to go back to the drawing board because this is not that interesting.


See the man who got trapped in a vajayjay!
June 24th, 2014 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

A 20 year old American Exchange student is studying in Germany and he got the lesson of his lifetime. According to NBC News the student’s friends dared him to take a picture of himself inside of the 6′ vajayjay statue (translation, don’t be such a pussy and take a picture in the pussy) outside the microbiology and virology department of the city’s university clinic and he got stuck. So it took 22 rescuers 30 minutes to get him out. And when he was finally free from the oversized female genitalia the kid said, he felt like he was born again. Actually he didn’t, but I am sure he had to feel that way.
BTW it was a natural birth with no forceps needed to pull him out. Just a lot of hands to get yank his body out of the hole.
Finally, I am sure sex will never ever be the same for him. And all of this could’ve been avoided, had he used a condom with some lubricant on it. See boys, those things are needed.
And one last thing, when it was all over someone asked the vajayjay how she felt, she was like I need a cigarette because she hasn’t gotten that much action in a long time!!! No, word he gave her his number or bought her dinner, but he should’ve at least gotten her flowers and candy and diamonds.


Did Apple Maps find the Loch Ness Monster?
April 21st, 2014 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

While Google Maps has helped women find out where their husbands are cheating on them, Apple Maps looks to have found something that might be the Loch Ness Monster according to Digital Trends. A keen person noticed a strange looking object in the water between Whitefield and Drumnadrochit (home of the Loch Ness) and claims that it might be the legendary Nessie. Do you think the sea creature has finally been found or do you think that thing is just a part of something else?
Since I love a good mystery solved, I am going to say that it is the Loch Ness. Now even though I say it is the lake monster, I am not going to buy a ticket just yet to see if I can find it like they did on Apple Maps.
I wonder what elusive mystery one of these online maps will find next??? Chupacabra? Abominable Snowman? Jimmy Hoffa? Elvis Presley? My husband???


Forget the 3 hour orgasm, how about the 7 week long erection
January 15th, 2014 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

About two weeks ago on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER, a woman suffered from a 3 hour orgasm. Well today the Irish Examiner is reporting that a man had an erection that lasted for 7 long weeks. Unlike the woman and sadly for him, his was not caused by sex.
So what happened? The unnamed man (for obvious reasons) was riding his mountain bike when an accident caused his little me to meet the crossbar. The injury lead to him having irregular bloodflow to his bike and an upper that just wouldn’t go down.
Believe it or not, he waited 5 whole weeks to go to the ER and the doctors were stumped. They worked really long and hard to come up with a solution and finally after 2 weeks he was back down to his old self.
So after being erect for 7 weeks, is he still able to pitch a tent? He says yes, yes, yes. Now when it comes to riding his bike the article didn’t say, but if I were him there is only one thing I would ride. That one thing that’s able to make the erection go away after a few minutes and not keep it going for nearly two months.
I really hope that TLC finds him and does a special about the 7 Week Erection!


Aren’t you supposed to picture the interviewee naked?
August 26th, 2013 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

So many of us have been taught that if you are going to interview someone, you should picture them naked to calm your nerves. Well Lori Welbourne turned things around for the person she was interviewing when she took off her top. Why?
Well August 25th was Go Topless Day in America and she wanted to see if she could walk around without a shirt and bra in her hometown of Kelowna, B.C., in Canada. So she got an interview with the Mayor and Walter Gray said it is legal to go topless in their town but he wouldn’t recommend it. Well once she heard it was OK in the law’s eyes, she took off she shirt and did the rest of the interview in half of her birthday suit.
I betcha that the Mayor is now looking to pass a law where women are not allowed to go topless in Kelowna after that interview. Would anyone blame him if they did that?


The Mayor of Dorset, Minn. is just 4 years old!
July 10th, 2013 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

Bobby Tufts is just 4 years old and he already is the Mayor of his town. Now before you think, why would the 20+ people of Dorset, Minnesota elect a 3 year old to (that’s how old he was at the time) the position? That is not how they do it in their town. So how do they do it? Each year at the Taste of Dorset Festival, people pay a $1 to have their name entered into the race and the Mayor of that year draws his or her replacement according to AP. Bobby has had such a good time running things that he is once again putting his name in the hat. Hopefully he will pick out his name on August 4th because he has been doing wonders for the town as you can see in the interview he did with WCCO.
Heck I bet he is better Mayor than most of the ones we have actually voted for.


Joey Chestnut downs 69!
July 4th, 2013 under Odd. [ Comments: 1 ]

Today was the 98th annual Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest and for the seventh year in the row, 29 year old Joey Chestnut, was the ultimate hot dog. He broke his own record by downing 69 wieners in just ten minutes, something no p0rn star can say they have ever done.
So what does he get for eating all of those hot dogs in 10 minutes, he gets $1,000 for each minute of the competition. It’s almost worth it to have all of that mysterious meat in your stomach for $10,000. Almost.
BTW ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to tell you all he has a girlfriend. I assume she is with him because she knows what he is good at and that can come in very helpful if you know what I mean!


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