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[ # ] WTF next week on American Idol Rat Pack standards?
April 23rd, 2009 under American Idol 8

(photo © Fox)

WTF are the producers of American Idol thinking by picking Rat Pack standards as theme for next week’s show? I am mean this is the most boring season ever and they are going to choose a theme that 75% of the audience won’t know most of the songs they are singing. And I am sure 100% of the 5 remaining contestants are like…who?
To make next week even worse they are digging Taylor Hicks up to perform on Wednesday’s show. Actually maybe it is good for the final five to see him because whoever wins this season will compete with him for worst selling American Idol winner.
Here is a positive note, at least we won’t have to sit through Lil Rounds again. Negative note Anoop would’ve been great.
Fox this is sweeps, you are suppose to make us want to watch not switch the channel. The themes and performers are suppose to be hip, not hip replacement.
For those of you trying to figure out who the Rat Pack were, here is a medley of some of their classic tunes.


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