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[ # ] Why am I still watching Nip/Tuck?
February 25th, 2009 under Nip/Tuck

So when Nip/Tuck first came out it was my one of my favorite shows on TV, but ever since the show left Miami for LA it is just so out there and depressing I am not sure why I am still watching this show.
Christian is dying from breast cancer, which is a sad way for the show to spend its final episodes. And that is just one of the way depressing things on the show…they also had Julia shot in the head by her lover’s daughter and Julia lost her memory. Then Julia’s lover died when Sean did plastic surgery on her. Oh and Sean was confined to a wheelchair at the beginning of the season because a woman obsessed with him stabbed him the back several times! Good times…not.
But then when it comes to out there. A few weeks ago they had a woman walk into the waiting room and chop off her breast with an electric knife. Which I could still handle, because it was medically relevant. But then last night they brought on Richard Burgi to f*ck a couch. Yes he literally strip down and do a Scott Baio (how he lost his virginity) and make sweet sweet love to a couch. Seriously? OMG! WTF? is Ryan Murphy just trying to create the stupidest scenarios because he can? I mean, the show is getting to the point that is unwatchable and I am not sure I will be around for the series finale or even to find out if Christian might beat the odds and live. And that episode airs next week during the season finale. Am I alone on my feelings about Nip/Tuck?
Now when it comes to Richard Burgi, I am not sure I will ever be able to watch him again. That is unless it is the dog scene in Hostel 2, but even that movie has been tarnished for me thanks to what he did to that poor innocent couch…which gives new meaning to the Love Seat!!!


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