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[ # ] Watch Rose McIver transform into iZombie
August 29th, 2017 under iZombie

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Rose McIver plays a living dead person on iZombie and that means her skin has to appear very pale because there is no blood pumping throughout her body. Since an actual living person cannot obtain that skin color naturally, the makeup department has to give her flesh that hue. It sounds like it would be simple and take no time at all, but in the land of Hollywood it is harder than you would think.

Watch McIver get transformed into Liv’s look. It is quite incredible the process she has to go through every day on The CW procedural that you should be watching. And here I thought brilliantly transforming into a new character every week was the toughest part of her job.

What I enjoyed most is seeing that only do they have to lighten her skin, they also have to give her makeup on top of it. Which is quite impressive to me.


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