Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Watch Nina Dobrev sit on 5 Whoopie Cushions at once!
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[ # ] Watch Nina Dobrev sit on 5 Whoopie Cushions at once!
August 15th, 2018 under Nina Dobrev

Allure challenged Nina Dobrev to do 9 things she has never done before and I don’t think she will do all but one of them again. They were things like play an accordion, ask the magic 8 ball some questions and put a Bump It in someone’s hair. The worst of them was the Skip It, a retro toy that was popular before she was born. She failed miserably at it, but she looked cute while doing it.

Her favorite one seemed to be guessing which cookie was for humans and which one was for dogs. When she guessed wrong, she decided to take a bite of the dog treat. You know what, she liked it. Maverick better watch out because mommy is coming for your treats.

Dobrev actually did 10 things and the final one was a bonus one. That is when she sat on 5 Whoopie Cushions at the same time. When they all did not go off, she got a shocking surprise when she tried it again.


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