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[ # ] Watch Mel Gibson’s chair break with him in it!!!
August 11th, 2014 under Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson and the cast of Expendables 3 were doing an interview with Good Morning America, when all of sudden Mad Max’s chair broke. He started to go down with it, but unfortunately he stopped himself before he hit the floor. Then as he waited for a new seat to place his seat, he sat on Sylvester Stallone’s lap. Which seemed very comfortable for both of them…?
A few of the actors in the action flick have had to ask for forgiveness, and Gibson talked about that too. Instead of starting out with him needed to be forgiven, at first he was all about forgiving people. Which is why I still haven’t forgiven him for his anti-Semitic and anti-female comments.
One last thing about Gibson, is just me or does he kind of look like Eddie Munster all grown up? You know, I think he kind of looks like a man who has turned into a werewolf? I don’t know why, but that is what he looks like to me.


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