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[ # ] Watch Hugh Jackman eat a sour candy
December 19th, 2022 under A-Rod, Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has a friend named Benjamin, but we will call him Ryan Reynolds. Anyways, “Benjamin” challenged Jackman to eat a War Head sour candy and recorded himself sucking on it for us to see.

I am so happy he did because it was fun to see Wolverine be taken down by a little piece of candy. Even X-Men are no match for sour-sucking candies, and I am all for it. But I am a sadist who enjoys watching people in pain!

True story. I had a job and would give out candy. There would be people who would take some and never say thank you or give me anything in return. One day I brought in a bunch of War Heads and didn’t tell them how sour they were. We would just hear their screams a few minutes later. It was so much fun, almost as fun as watching Jackman suffering.


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