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[ # ] Watch a 106-year-old man ride a zipwire!
September 6th, 2018 under Guinness World Records

You know the expression, you are as old as you feel? When it comes to Jack Reynolds, he feels much much younger than his years.

For his 104th birthday, he became the oldest man to get his first tattoo. He followed that Guinness World Record up with becoming the oldest man, at 105, to ride a roller coaster. In April, when he turned 106, he did it again by being the oldest person to ride a zipwire.

A camera caught him enjoying his ride. Even though he is 106 years old, his joyful face looked 100 years younger. Proving, you are never too old to be a kid at heart. His joy brought me so much joy. It is hard not to smile as huge as he is smiling.

I cannot wait to see what he does to top this all for his big 1-0-7!

While this is an old record, it is resurfacing now because the 2019 Guinness Book of World Records came out last week.

To see him being interview by Good Morning Britain, then


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