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[ # ] Vanna White plays Wordle
February 23rd, 2022 under Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White has been turning letters on Wheel of Fortune for almost 40 years. Therefore, she can probably solve word puzzles in her sleep. So, it makes sense that she would play Wordle. Not only that, she is great at it. She got thorn in 2 tries on 2sday aka 2/22/22!

The game show beauty, who never ages, was so excited that she solved it that she wrote, “Got #wordle on 2nd guess! So proud of myself!

However, she wanted her fans to know, “@wheeloffortune is still my ‘number one’ game!” While it still might be her #1 game, I hope when they create a Wordle game show, they ask her to hostit.


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