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[ # ] Val Kilmer’s movie people messed with the wrong person
April 23rd, 2007 under Val Kilmer


Seems Val Kilmer is filmimg a movie on a residential street and the owners of the houses on the block left their cars out in the streets. So what is the big deal about that? Well seems the production needs to the spaces to park the port-o-toilets and they need them now. Nothing is worse that an actor who has to go to the bathroom especially when his name is Val Kilmer. 

So back to how they messed with the wrong person. One of the people on the crew banged on one of resident's door and said to her, "You need to move your f**king car because we need to park the toilets for the Val Kilmer movie." Which is so wrong on so many levels, but what the crew member did not realize the person she cursed out is married to someone who works at TMZ and now Kelli Lassen's name is all over TMZ. Maybe Kelli will learn her lesson, but I highly doubt it.


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