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[ # ] Val Kilmer explains why he didn’t say he had cancer
May 7th, 2017 under Val Kilmer

For over a year and a half people have wondered what is wrong with Val Kilmer? The actor has reassured his fans he is OK, but rumors about his health have continued on since his hospitalization in late 2015.

Last week, he finally admitted in a Reddit Q&A that he had cancer. Today, he took to Instagram to explain why he never mentioned the C-Word before then. He wrote, “4 the record: Ive never lied about health. When released fr brief hospital stay I was asked if I have cancer. I don’t. Ive had many healing thru my wild life like broken bone migraine cancer back pain impaired vision-ask me if I’ve a broken bone- I’ll say no cause that was yrs ago.”

What I think he is saying is that when he went in, he had cancer. Then when he got out he didn’t. Which is why when he was asked if he had cancer, in his mind, he didn’t have it anymore so that is why he said he didn’t have cancer. Which makes sense.


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