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August 26th, 2009 under Halloween (movies)

Tyler Mane is back as Michael Meyers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 that is out on Friday, August 28th. The 6’9″ wrestler turned actor is the scariest one of them all and it is not his height, but his brains that lead to the effect. When I asked him how his version of the cult figure differs from the others he told us at The Weinstein Company’s press day that the others are one dimensional and he gave him more depth. He said he did his research for the role as in “if you look at any serial killer, they can walk out on the street and you wouldn’t be able to think they would be able to do what they have done and I wanted to bring that to it.” And believe me he brought it. But bringing it wasn’t always easy for him and he told us after his first kill in this movie of the nurse. After stabbing her several times that after the last one, he looked up and told Rob, “I’m done.” So how does he decompress after that? The answer, with a cigar and a glass of a wine. I can so picture him sitting back and enjoying that stoogie and glass of wine, can’t you?
Before he needed to decompress from his role, he told us how he got the call about playing the masked killer. He prefaced the story by saying that he really didn’t know much about horror before he agreed to do the film. He said he was up in Canada when he got the phone call from Rob, and told us how that conversation went down between the director and him, “Hey, I want you to play Michael Meyers in Halloween. And I go Rob, I don’t want to be the guy behind the hockey mask. (Rob says) Dude, wrong mask.” Now he knows which mask belongs to which horror icon.
Tyler originally signed on for two Halloweens and now that both have completed would he come back for a third? He told us it all depends on things like who is working on it. So it will be interesting to see if we will get a third one, but before we have to worry about that go see him scare the sh!t out of you this Friday in Halloween 2. Seriously I am still having nightmares because of how well he played Michael Meyers in H2 and it has been 6 days since I saw it when I typed this. But he did ease my dreams a little bit because as you can see in the interview above Tyler Mane is nothing like the character he portrays…thankfully!!!
So what is up for him next? He created a production company called Mane Entertainment and they are prepping their first feature Penance Lane, which is a horror/thriller that he hopes to start filming this winter. He will be playing a con who gets out of a jail and goes on a mission to a house where people are not as they appear. He added that there will be a lot of twists and turns in the movie. That sounds really good, I can’t wait to see it but first I am going to see him again in Halloween 2 this Friday and you should too!!!


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