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[ # ] Two good-byes and a hello
July 27th, 2006 under TV Reality

So last night is a big reality night here in the states and I am watching too many shows.

First the hello, Rappin’ Grandma was advanced to the finals on America’s Got Talent. Am I the only one who does not get her appeal? Now that second magician he scared the sh!t out of Brandi and just for that he should’ve moved on. I hope America voted for him because I was too busy voting for Benji on SYTYCD to votw for him. But I should’ve because they were probaly voting for that little red head that can sing instead. And I think they should change the title to America’s Got a Drunk, sorry I could not resist!

Project Runway was so cute, designing for little doggies. How precious was that? And of course the person elimanted was the one who looked most like a dog. Sorry Katherine it is just such a beautiful group of designers. But who cares about all of that because next week someone gets thrown off for doing something against Project Runway’s rules. I am dying to know what they did and who it is?

And to Rock Star: Supernova sorry Phil you are just too cute for Supernova. You needed to make yourself ugly with make-up like Lucas.

Tonight should be fun, who is gone from SYTYCD and Big Brother: All-Stars (bye Jase) and who will move on on America’s Got Talent.



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