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November 24th, 2009 under Comedy Central

via Huffington Post
Stephen Colbert went bobsledding in Lake Placid and I am so freaking excited that he did. Who knew that he is the BIGGEST man in late night? Dang I had no idea he was hiding such a big instrument ike that. If I would’ve known maybe I wouldn’t have given up his show, but then again he does hide behind a desk on his show. Grated now we know why, the network censors would have a field day on that thing. That and if that was visible the whole time he was on the show I wouldn’t be able to concetrate on what he was saying.
I mean watch this video of him talking below and tell me you are listening to what he says and not looking at his crotch?

BTW now that we know that Stephen Colbert is the biggest and Jimmy Fallon is the smallest, I want to know where Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson, the two male late night hosts I watch, stand!!!



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