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[ # ] Travis Turner talks about Marley & Me: The Puppy Years!
August 21st, 2011 under Michael Damian

Travis Turner is starring in the family flick Marley & Me: The Puppy Years that’s out now on DVD and Blu-ray and I got to talk to him about it at the premiere.
He is playing Bodi, who is taking care of the World’s Worst Dog while his aunt and uncle are away. His mom also needs to go out of town, so Marley and him have to go to his grandfather’s while she away. While he is there, he meets a girl who tells him about a competition to find the best pups and he enters Marley and two other Golden Labs.
As you can tell from the above description the teenager had the hard job of working with more than one puppy in the prequel to Marley & Me and he told me it was like to do so by saying it “super fun and super challenging.” He added that, “Every scene is like a stunt. You have to work with the trainers, but at the same time they are puppies and they are so cute. It’s fun and challenging.” And those puppies are super arfdorable, but we all know that most dogs are not the most well trained at that age. When you watch the movie, you will see what a good job all of them did!
The movie is directed by Michael Damian, who many of you know as Danny Romalotti on The Young & The Restless and also as a singer, so I was curious if he knew who he was before they started filming. He did not know him as a director (Flicka 2, Moondance Alexander and Hot Tamale), but he knew him for his music. He said, “I have older sisters, and they knew Rock On.” Sadly his oldest sister didn’t make it to set to meet Damian.
So what is up next for this up and coming actor, he is starring in Nick Cannon’s hip hop fairytale Rags that will be airing on Nickelodeon. Besides acting, he also does hip hop under the name Little T. He shared with me that he wrote the song for the end credits for Marley and the intro for Rags. Not bad for someone his age!
See what a great job he did in Marley & Me: The Puppy Years that is available now and check out his music as Little T.


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