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October 15th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous

Casino which is one of the oldest form of gambling, have become on the games played among elites and lucky hands. Casino which began as far back with the Ancient Greeks, have become one of the most played games individually, and in recent history reaches its full potential due to technology advancements, which enable you to play online, for instance. The technology advancements allowed many people to play casino games online. Despite the game’s immense global appeal, it would not have reached its potentials without the contribution of five players who outplayed the game.

Edward Thorp ranks as the greatest player of all-time by many sources. The famous Math professor and Master degree holding in Physics developed the card counting techniques applied in playing casino, and this made people think the blackjack was beatable. The casino prodigy went further to solve some theoretical problems using IBM 704 computer and went further to acquire knowledge on FOTRAN. He won as high as $700k every weekend with his card counting tactic. Thorp also introduced a book “Beat the dealer” and the book became what could be called a foundation for modern players of the game. In recognition of his efforts, he was inducted to the casino hall of fame.

Richard Marcus makes the number two person on the list. The player was cheated by his schoolmate when he was a child, and that prove to be the basis for his passion for gambling. Richard due to his childhood experience began to bet on horses, play poker on the street of Vegas before finally landing a job at the casino. At the Casino, his specialty was Baccarat and Blackjack. The player continued to climb the ladder of success in the game until he finally made it to the Professional team Jerry Palmer, Joe and Duke Swenson, who helped him master the act of playing Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps. He became the master of past-posted bet which named “The Savannah” at the Roulette. The cheating tactics earned him £5 million before he was eventually caught.

MIT gambling team produced one of greatest cheats the game has witnessed as they took Blackjack to a whole new level. The team dwelt on card counting with the motto: we are not gambling, do card counting and never get caught. They enter games pretending to be unfamiliar about themselves who are always in a disguise, and this tactics made it difficult of sport officials to spot them. They were eventually spotted when they had to play in small casinos.

Louis Colaveccio, popularly referred to as “the coin” comes in a fourth place after making series of headway in the game. He made numerous slot machines coins of various casinos with hardened steel. He duplicates coins exactly as the real ones. However, it took the FBI more than a week to discover how many coins he had forged.

Tommy Glen completes the list with his rogue and crime-full lifestyle. He was called the talented inventors by people after making a slider from the strings of guitar and steel. The slider’s work is to trip the machine off so as to allow coins to flow out.


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