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[ # ] Tom Bergeron’s granddogger cannot wait to see him!
August 20th, 2018 under Tom Bergeron

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Tom Bergeron has been away for three months, so that means that he has not seen some of his family in all of that time. One of those relatives is his granddoger. As soon as Alba saw her grandfather, she could not control herself. She was jumping up and down, wagging her tail and licking him like crazy. If that is not love, then I do not what is!

We are used to seeing him with bitches on Dancing with the Stars, therefore it is nice to see him with a female dog in love that truly devoted to him. How can you not adore him, he is the most lovable reality show host on television? Also the wittiest one.

Now back to him and Alba, it makes me want to trade my cat in for a puppy. When was the last time a cat greeted their best friend like that? When I come back from vacation, my kitty runs away from me instead of towards me like pretty Miss Alba.

Talking about pretty, didn’t this video make you pretty happy. It is a Monday during the summer and we are stuck working in the gloomy inside while the sun is shining outside. This arfdorable little dog treat makes the day a whole light brighter!

So bright, I think he should send it into America’s Funniest Videos. Since he is not hosting that show anymore, he is able to submit this video. Right? I think it is worth the grand prize.


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