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[ # ] Tired of that little girl in your life asking for a Frozen doll?
December 29th, 2014 under Awesome Videos
Many, many, many, many people asked the little girls that they know what they want for Christmas; and those sweet little angels said they wanted a “Frozen” doll. As many of us found out, it is not always easy to find one because stores are sold out of the Anna and Elsa dolls. Well, one dad came up with perfect solution. He got his daughter a frozen doll. As in, he put a doll in some water and placed it in the freezer. Thus giving her a frozen doll. Needless to say, she was not that happy. That is until it was revealed (off camera) she really did get an Anna and an Elsa doll.
Imagine if she didn’t. We would’ve heard about her on the news and not just by watching this really cute video of her on YouTube. At least that is how I would’ve played it if my dad tried on that me.
Now back to the dad, he is laughing now, but wait a few years. When that awwwwdorable 8 year old hits puberty, revenge will be all hers. A woman is like an elephant when it comes to bad gifts and she never forgets!
Finally, I am so getting this for the 5 year old girl in my life that is so obsessed with Frozen. That is unless her parents beat me to the freezer. Is there a little girl in your life that you are going to get a frozen doll as a present for?


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