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[ # ] This will take you back to your first kiss!
January 23rd, 2015 under Awesome Videos

via AFV Kids
Griffin was so excited about getting his first kiss that he had to tell the whole world about it. The happy boy recorded a video detailing how it made him feel and it will remind you how you felt when you were in his position.
The little charmer said, “It is just so mind blowing that I just can’t feel it. Ugh!” Then he added, “It’s mixed up in my head and heart. And when she kissed me, kisses me, it goes to my brain, it goes to my heart. It goes into my brain so much, it just goes Kablooey.” Then he exclaimed, “It’s so good!” He concluded his tale by saying, “I had a funny feeling. It was so great.” Yes, it is Griffin and I hope you never lose that feeling.
Don’t you wish you could just bottle up that emotion you got when you got your first kiss and were able to drink it whenever you needed it. Although watching this sweet confessional comes pretty darn close.


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