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[ # ] This is how they make coffee in space!
January 21st, 2016 under NASA

Lots of people can’t function throughout the day without their morning coffee, but what happens if you are stationed on the International Space Station. Do you have to go your whole time up there without a caffeine fix because Tang just doesn’t cut it?
Well, it might not be Starbucks, but they do have coffee and ESA astronaut Tim Peake showed us they make it up there in Outer Space.
Basically, it comes in a pouch that you put in slot, push a button that fills it with hot water, and finally you put a straw in the pouch to suck up your energy drink.
It is a lot easier than what we have to go through down here. Someone needs to come with a machine like that for us non-Astronauts down on Earth. Even I could figure out how to make coffee early in the morning with that thingy.


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