Seriously? OMG! WTF?Think you're shocked by the Jane the Virgin cliffhanger, watch the cast's reaction - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] Think you’re shocked by the Jane the Virgin cliffhanger, watch the cast’s reaction
April 21st, 2018 under Jane the Virgin

Last night, millions of fans of Jane the Virgin were shocked when fan-favorite Brett Dier showed up for the final five seconds of the season 4 finale. Mostly because we were all sad when his character died on the show and have been grieving him ever since.

What does his reappearance mean? Is he an evil twin? Was he taking a shower all of this time? Is it a dream? Was he faking his death so he could catch Rose? Did Jane’s father clone him as a gift for his daughter? Is Jane having a near-death experience and he is trying to convince her it is not her time yet? Have they all really been dead on the island (Miami Beach is an island) and he is coming to bring them up to heaven? We will have to wait until the season 5 premiere later this year to find out.

Executive Producer Jennie Urman told The Los Angeles Times that the season five premiere will pick up exactly where yesterday left off.

Now let’s talk about how long this plan has been in the works? Urman told the paper about a year ago, she told Dier and Gina Rodriguez (Jane) about her idea and asked them to keep secret. They did up until finale table read. The last page of the script was blacked out and once Rodriguez read her final line of the episode, Urman opened the door and in walked an alive Michael. As you can tell the cast was excited to see him.

While they screamed with joy, we screamed, “No f*cking way!” Which is what makes a great telenovela and as we know Jane the Virgin is that.

Now we have to wait 6 long months to find out what brought Michael back from the dead, who JR shot (I just got that. Wonder if that was a Dallas play along?), will Xo survive her cancer and will Rogelio survive River Fields?

Did you get that River Fields is a play on Brooke Shields name? Since a river is a like a brook and fields rhymes with shields. Pretty genius. But not an evil genius like what Urman did to all of us. To quote another witch, “I will get you my pretty.”



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