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[ # ] They’re destroying Poltergeist
August 19th, 2008 under Stupid Sequels/Remakes

The Hollywood Reporteris reporting that MGM has found its writer for the latest movie they are destroying, I mean remaking, Poltergeist. I don’t give a sh!t enough to read the story because after I read “Poltergeist remake” on the title I stopped reading any further. Why? Why? Why?
May the writers NOT go in to light and come out. Seriously the original Poltergeist is a long rumored cursed movie, so why remake it and kill off a few people. You know that is just wrong.
Seriously this movie is scary as is, what made it scary was special effects like they used real skeletons in the pool, now they will use CG effects which will take away from it.
Please MGM leave this classic alone and try coming up with something original.
Ha ha, the last laugh is on you because you are still stuck with Tom Cruise’s failure called UA…oh wait the curse has started!


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