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[ # ] The Walking Dead come alive tonight!
October 31st, 2010 under Primetime TV

Tonight on AMC at 10p The Walking Dead come alive. The show starts off normal and then Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes gets shot. He wakes up several weeks later in the hospital surrounded by dead people except for one area that is closed off with people banging to be set free. He then leaves the hospital and as he walks home it is rows of dead people lying in the street. He finally arrives homes and his family is gone. He sits outside in his now empty neighborhood when he comes across his first survivors and his first walking dead. They start to fill him in about what happened since he has been in a coma and he learns that Atlanta is the safe city. He packs up and heads to Atlanta. Is that still a safe city? Has it been taken over by the walking dead? Are there more survivors? Are Rick’s wife and son still alive? Is there a cure? These are answers we will come across in the upcoming episodes of this show that will be an instant hit to anyone who has been waiting for a horror series that captures the feel of a classic horror movie. Forget Vampires and Werewolves, Zombies are the new in horror creature of choice!


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