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[ # ] The PTC has a problem with Kara DioGuardi
May 23rd, 2009 under American Idol 8

(photo from Fox)

The PTC, you know the uptight parents who need a good lay, had a problem with American Idol’s finale.

The season finale of American Idol aired on Wednesday, May 20 and carried a TV-PG rating despite the fact that Fox producers used a charity donation to coax judge Kara DioGuardi into popping open her dress on national television. The show also included the gratuitous return of contestant Katrina Darrell, known to most as “bikini girl,” who showed up in her standard uniform to show off her new “enhancements.”

Seriously now the PTC has a problem with people in bikinis? Oy, they need to get a life because she is covered up and that is what there are going to see if they go to the pool or a beach.
And if the PTC really think she had a problem revealing what an awesome figure she has, they are sadly mistaken. I am sure she is the one that offered to do it.


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