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[ # ] The networks went cancelling crazy
May 10th, 2013 under Primetime TV

Well yesterday some shows were getting renewed for another season, but that was then and this is now.
SouthLAnd took off its bulletproof vest for a second and TNT shot it right through the heart. Since Monday Mornings was also closed for business permanently today, there was no show left at the place that knows drama to save it. Over at CBS CSI: NY was also shot and killed, meaning for the first time since 2002 there will only be one CSI on the Eye. CBS also decided not to gamble on another season for Vegas, so they took their losses and ran. NBC decided that Go On shouldn’t.
And through all of this ABC hasn’t said what shows will be back and which ones won’t.

UPDATE: ABC is starting to announce what will be on their fall lineup. Nashville has something to sing about because it is coming back, but Reba’s show Malibu Country lost its voice. Once Upon a Time will not be living happily ever just yet as it will be back too. Scandal got the presidential seal of approval for a renewal and Grey’s Anatomy has the right medicine for another season. Castle has at least one more chapter in him. Suburgatory is advancing to its junior year. Who will Emily Thorne get Revenge next year in the Hamptons? Modern Family was a no brainer to return, so it is. While Happy Endings just got a sad ending from ABC. Body Proof has been sent to the morgue in a black bag with a toe tag. The Red Widow has joined her husband in hell because she ain’t coming back. The Neighbors are staying on Earth for at least another year. The Middle is staying put! We won’t be finding How To Live With Your Parent (For the Rest of Your Life) because ABC moved out. Last Man Standing is still standing on ABC. Family Tools, the worst show of the new season won’t be back!
The students at Greendale just can’t graduate because NBC shockingly picked up Community for another season. NBC will not be giving birth to another season of The New Normal. The curtain goes down on Smash.


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