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[ # ] The Naked Truth: Undocumented on Campus puts a face on the law
June 18th, 2017 under Fusion

Ever since 45 announced that he was running for President, he has said that he wants to deport illegal aliens. It is one of the only campaign promises he has kept. But who are these people he does not want in the country? Tonight at 9p on Fusion, The Naked Truth: Undocumented on Campus, shows us the face of an undocumented college student who wants to become a biology teacher.

20-year-old Jose, has lived and worked in Florida ever since he was a kid. His mother did not come here from Mexico legally, but they have worked hard in a farming community every day since they arrived. No matter how hard they worked, they barely made ends meet.

One day when Jose was a teenager, he started to run and he enjoyed it. So much so he joined track and earned a scholarship to a 2 year college in Kansas. It paid for everything but $5,000 in expenses. He went to local businesses and raised most of the money. Then it was off to college he went.

While he was there, 45 became President and now his mom and him do not know how much longer they will stay in the country. They are in constant fear that they will be kicked out like so many other people. The stress becomes too much for his mom and she goes back to Mexico. Now he has to decide whether or not to finish his education or go back to Mexico.

This is just one of the many families who live in fear. They have done nothing wrong but sought a better life. These are the scary people that 45 wants to kick out, how scared of them are you? If you aren’t, then wonder why 45 is so determined to get rid of them. There is none and we need to protect them.


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