Seriously? OMG! WTF? » The muy caliente La Reina del Sur becomes the very hot Queen of the South tonight on Mun2!
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[ # ] The muy caliente La Reina del Sur becomes the very hot Queen of the South tonight on Mun2!
February 19th, 2012 under Mun2

Us English speaking people have heard about how titillating Spanish Telenovelas are and tonight starting on Mun2 at 8p we get to experience how caliente they are. Telemundo’s highest rated Telenovela La Reina Del Sur is getting subtitled on Mun2 and will be known to us as The Queen of the South. The Telenovela was such a hit on Telemundo that it regularly beat out the networks in the big markets. And when you watch this show that was based on the novel you will see why 16.6 million viewers made this must see TV.
The telenovela starts off with Teresa (Kate del Castillo) innocently taking a bath until she receives a phone call that will change her life. Her drug runner boyfriend Güero (Rafael Amaya) has been killed (and I mean you know he is dead by how they murdered him) and she is informed she needs to go on the run because she is next. She gets dressed in a pair of tight jeans, a tank top and blue high heels and proceeds to go on the run. When her best friend, his business partner and their kids have been murdered by the same people that killed her lover, she remembers what Güero told her and escapes to the safe place he told her about. That place is not that safe because Güero’s killers have found her there. Gato will rape her in a way no American show has ever done and she will get her revenge in a way you have never seen done on American TV. By doing so she is able to flee those bad men and seek solace in the one man Güero told her she could trust, but there is something she doesn’t know about him…he ordered the hit on her Güero. And that is just the first episode.
In the upcoming episodes, she will leave Mexico and travel to America, Spain, Africa and Russia and start her life over and over again trying to avoid the people that want her dead. She will become The Queen of the South and find love not once, but twice. She will work in a brothel where she meets her second lover Gallego (Iván Sánchez). He will get her involved in his crimes and this will lead to her going to jail. When she gets out she join the Russian Mafia and become a big shot. Once she reaches the top, she will finally get revenge on the people that killed the love of her life.
If you think Revenge is exciting (and I love the ABC drama), it ain’t got nothing on The Queen of the South. I have seen the first four episodes and I can’t begin to tell you how hooked I am. It is so enticing, I forget that I am reading subtitles to understand what they are saying. In fact it is helping me remember my Spanish, something I haven’t used since college.
And did I mention how sexy the leads are? You men get to see Kate del Castillo in tight revealing clothes as she evades the men after her. We get to see Rafael Amaya and Iván Sánchez in tight jeans and even less as they try to seduce her. These are not names that we currently know in the US, but we will get to know them real fast because they are just so watchable.
And coming up Tuesday I will be posting my interview with Rafael Amaya and Thursday I will do the same with Iván Sánchez who makes his first appearance on the Telenovela.
The Queen of the South debuts on Mun2 tonight at 8p and will repeat tomorrow at 10p. The 63 episodes will air Mondays to Thursdays at 10p and on Fridays the four episodes from earlier in the week will air in a marathon starting 7p. So you have no excuse for not watching this telenovela that will make you wish American shows were as sexy and thrilling as this one.


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