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[ # ] The Jericho cast responds to the cancellation and the Save Jericho campaigns!!!
May 25th, 2007 under Jericho

From: Save Jericho Now!!

Date: May 25, 2007 1:14 AM
Subject The Cast Speaks – Friday Bulletin .1

The Cast Speaks – Friday Bulletin #1

Hey everyone. Thanks for all your efforts, great job!
We are making a difference!

We want THREE things from you today.

There's no losing steam here! Full speed ahead!! We're on FIRE!

They ARE feeling the heat! Let's turn this fire into a roaring blaze!!
Focus your fire on Nina Tassler today via phone & email!!

Yes, this means you.

I admit, I'm feeling a little heat from the flames but that is to be expected on a TV campaign. It's not easy. Does it mean give up? NO WAY! It means you need to take a break, refocus and refresh yourself and come back into the battle with a new set of eyes and see again, for the first time, what it is you're fighting for.

With Memorial Day weekend nearly upon us, it's a good idea to pick a day to just refocus and relax. Make no mistake, the battle will be here and it will rage on, but don't give up on Jericho. However, please continue your efforts through the weekend at some point. WE NEED YOU! When Tuesday comes – We want to see CBS swimming in Nuts, voice mails filled, email boxes packed and snail mailed letters overflowing out of that mail room!

Over at the CBS board, some members of the cast have left messages for the fans. We not only fight for Jericho the show and ourselves.. but we fight for these cast members & their jobs.

I am going to repost all these messages for you to read.
Keep in mind – these actors are still under contract. They can't help us or encourage us in our campaign in anyway.

Please don't misinterpret what they are saying here. They want what we want – Jericho Back!

***This is why WE fight!***


Kenneth Mitchell – "Eric Green"

Hello Jericho Fans…

I thought Eric being tortured by New Bern was difficult but having our show come to a close has been quite challenging emotionally. Working with CBS on Jericho has certainly been one of my favorite professional experiences. It was an absolute treat to go to work everyday and be apart of the Jericho family which extends out to you – the 9 million+ devoted fans that religiously tune in every week via a multitude of media outlets.

I really appreciate all your dedication and interest throughout the season. Your passion and enthusiasm over the last week has especially been overwhelming and touching. It's been a difficult time for the cast and crew but your response has warmed our souls.

I'm thrilled to witness that the themes of our show have resonated with you. Your recent rally has brought new meaning to the episodes "Why We Fight" and "Coalition of the Willing". I'm surprised Planters Peanuts hasn't called to do a cross promotion.

Though Eric morns the loss of his father he must be strong and soldier on with his brother in arms.

Thanks again for all the support.

Kenneth Mitchell

Alicia Coppola – "Mimi Clark"

Dear All,
I just wanted to thank you all for your unending support and loyalty to Jericho. I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have had the honor of playing Mimi. I had an amazing time working on the show.

It was simply one of the finest experiences of my career.
Much of the success of the show was due to all of you, our fans. I thank you very much again.

Alicia Coppola

Michael Gaston – "Mayor Gray Anderson"

Dear JERICHO Fans and Friends,

Many of you have posted here that you're curious about how we are taking the cancellation and why we haven't posted anything in these boards. The fact is that most of us are devastated. I wouldn't dare try to speak for all of the cast and crew, but I can tell you that I've spoken to or exchanged e-mails with about 50 people from the JERICHO family and we are shocked and depressed by the networks decision.

I've been doing this kind of work for almost twenty years and I have never encountered a kinder, funnier, more dedicated and professional cast and crew in all of that time. One of our grips told me that in 33 years on the job he was never happier to leave his family and go off to work. It has been, unequivocally, my best
professional experience.

Your support throughout the season and particularly since the cancellation has been very, very gratifying.

You guys rock!

I know you never wanted Gray to be your Mayor, but I loved every minute of it!

Thank you all,

Michael Gaston

Brad Beyer – "Stanley Richmond"

To all the fans and supporters of Jericho,

Hello everybody this is Brad Beyer I play Stanley Richmond, I just wanted to thank everybody for all of your love and support for the show. Making this program has been the best experience in my career thus far and I'm deeply saddened by its end. I will truly hold this expereience close to my heart for years to come.

I just want you all to know how much the whole cast and crew appreciate your incredible support , We love you all!

Best always,

Stanley Richmond (Brad Beyer)

Lennie James – Robert Hawkins

To the family, friends, and fans of Jericho,

I write to you from my home in London utterly staggered by the events of the last week or so. I, along with all the cast and crew from the show, was totally gutted (UK slang for 'very upset') when news came down that our show was cancelled. As has been said by others who have posted here, Jericho was a special time for so many of us. We worked so well together and it was almost effortless, so easy.

Don't get me wrong it wasn't all plain sailing, we fought and we argued and some days were best forgotten…But most days, almost everyday on Jericho was a joy. If I had to be as far away from my family, as I had to be to do this job, I could not have picked a finer bunch of people to be with than the cast, crew, writers and producers of this show.

As if that wasn't enough, my luck ran further because I was given the gift of playing Robert Hawkins. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I was given to bring that man to life. He kept me on my toes and kept me honest. I enjoyed his company so much.

As I say, that was about as much luck as any one actor, any one show, deserved…but no, our luck ran still further. It turns out that we have about the most amazing fans that ever were. Truly your support and passion for Jericho is very humbling. You have stood up when all around you, including myself, gave up.

You have reminded all of us involved in this rarefied world of making TV just who we are making it for. You have stopped being viewing figures and started being individual people who cared, who enjoyed, who were entertained, and who were loyal and committed. You were a great audience and are proving to be more
than we ever could have wished for.

As I said I am staggered by your show of strength and just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thanks for watching and thanks for fighting to see more.

God bless you all
Lennie "The Hawk" James

Skeet Ulrich – "Jake Green"

To the most incredible fans ANY show has ever known:

From Skeet Ulrich

I am overwhelmed and quite honestly rendered speechless at the good will created by this show and its fans! By you, by us!
I think it speaks volumes regardless of the outcome.

A week ago our show was cancelled and it feels like time has stood still ever since. We loved bringing you this story. We loved waking up at 2:30 in the morning to drive an hour and a half and work 16 hours then drive home, eager and willing to do it all again the next day. Truly we did. Because when we got there we felt like a family. I miss that the most. Lennie constantly sang as he cooked up the mystery that is Robert Hawkins.

Brad's incredible comic ability! The almost constant laughter and smiles. The kindness and generosity of spirit of everyone and I mean everyone (with the exception of one extra). I could go on and on…. trust me you don't want to hear it all! And as a family we never wanted to disappoint you. We tried desperately to stay one step ahead of you and you are a clever lot! Thanks for being there for us. I will never forget this experience and it is very hard to walk away from.

I have been fortunate to tell many different stories in my career but none has created the kind of discussions that this story has. Whether it was us in the lunchroom or people we would meet at events or people at the grocery store, invariably the discussion would turn to things much larger than the show, much more pertinent. And to me that is a success!

More to the point, however, is your generosity of spirit. I really don't know what to say….thank you doesn't suffice and my deck would collapse if we had a party so I am left somewhere in between. Your support is incredible and means more to all of us than you will ever know!

Be well. If we can all be as good to each other as you have been to us, what an incredible world we would have.


Candace Bailey – "Skylar Stevens"

Hello Jericho friends and family
I just wanted to let you all know how thankful I am of all of your kind words and support. I knew we had a good thing going on the show, but to see that other people felt the same way is truly amazing.

I had the greatest time working on Jericho. The cast and crew on the show was probably one of the greatest I will ever have the chance to work with. I don't think there was one person who ever came to set without a smile on their face. It was truly like a big family and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it. When the news came that we weren't going to return for a second season, I was completely bummed out.

It was a very well written show and I just felt like we had so much more to put into it. I was really looking forward to where it was going to take us. Unfortunately, not everyone felt that way. When I heard about all the support our fans were giving us, I couldn't believe it! I had no idea so many people loved the show the way that we did. Reading so many of your posts really eases the pain.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

for your support. Jericho would be nothing without all of you. So, one last time, THANK YOU!!!
Sincerely, Candace Bailey (Skylar Stevens)

David Meunier – "Russell"

Fellow fans and friends (remember, Russell likes Jericho)

It is so very difficult in this business to have the opportunity to be a part of something that may inspire, question, entertain, and remind us each of our humanity… your anger and frustration with the abandonment of just such an effort that was "Jericho" gives me hope!

While I tried – in my way – to prevent my town from waging war on your beloved Jericho, I can only imagine what might have been had I had you all at my side…

You are an inspiration.

These past several days have been quite a ride – full of disappointment and disillusionment. You see, while I had the pleasure, and honor, of going to work for a time with such a gracious and talented group of people… I too am like you – a fan! And thus, I feel doubly wounded…

While the "professional" in me — in response to your undying support and love for our favorite show — may simple say "Thank you!"… the "fan" in me says, "Nuts!".

Wishing us all well.

David Meunier
(Russell of New Bern)

Shoshannah Stern- "Bonnie Richmond"

Hello everyone,
I can't say what an extreme week I've been having. Hearing that the show would not be coming back was so hard for me to process because my experience on the show has been nothing short of amazing. But now, seeing how great and passionate you guys are in all your campaigning, it makes me feel so unbelievably good to be a part of something that inspires people so much.
Believe me, I know what it is like to fight for something even against incredible odds.

You know, if I listened to anyone who told me "no, you can't," I would never have been able to be a part of something as great as Jericho. So I am completely in tune with how you feel and you make me very proud.

Keep believing that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I know that you have inspired me to keep believing that for myself!

With much gratitude,
Shoshannah Stern (Bonnie Richmond)

Save Jericho Now on MySpace

I really hope that CBS saves the show and brings it back as a midseason! Last I heard is that as of a week ago the sets were not torn down, so we might actually have a chance! Fingers crossed! NUTS!


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