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[ # ] The Human Family Tree premieres on Nat Geo tonight!
August 30th, 2009 under National Geographic

Did you know that all DNA can be traced back to Africa 60,000 years ago? I didn’t either until I heard about the The Human Family Tree that premieres on The National Geographic Channel tonight at 9p. The 2 hour special goes to Astoria, NY and takes the DNA samples of several people there and traces their DNA from Africa to Queens. This special is really interesting on the way it tracks how they got from Africa to Queens. It shows how and why people migrated all over the world and yet all wound up in one place. Maybe if we all knew that we came from the same place, we might all get along better? This special is really educational and I highly suggest watching it because it really explains all of our ancestries and let’s be real how many of us know where we came past a few generations back?
If you want to know your family’s roots, you can order an DNA kit and do the test yourself via The Genographic Project. I was shocked and really interested to learn out how my family migrated from Africa to NYC.


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