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[ # ] The Human Centipede 3 is the ballsiest one of them all!
May 22nd, 2015 under The Human Centipede

The Human Centipede 3 is out today and sadly, Tom Six’s franchise has reached its end. In 2009, the world couldn’t stop talking about the movie that was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and now 6 years later the tail, I mean the tale, is coming to an end.
Bill Boss (Dieter Laser) runs the most violent prison in the United States and his loyal right hand man there, Dwight (Laurence R Harvey), has come up with a plan to restore order. The deputy wants to use the prisoners to create the world’s largest human centipede. Boss, has other ideas in mind, but he is seriously considering it.
When I say that Boss has other ideas, I mean it. Laser is the most sadistic in this sequel and you can tell he is enjoying every second of it. He tortures the prisoners in a way that will have you putting your hands over your eyes. This movie is not for the squeamish, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable for a lot of people.
During one scene, Boss takes a knife to a prisoner, slices the skin of his testicles down the middle, reaches in and takes out his balls. Then he asks Dwight to have the chef make a tasty meal out of them. Although the scene sounds horrific, it is one that will have you laughing after you see the movie. That’s the thing with The Human Centipede franchise, it is hard to watch but it is so much fun to talk about afterwards.
They truly went balls to the wall with The Human Centipede 3 and fans of the movie and this genre will not be disappointed. If you want to make your Memorial Day Weekend more memorable, then I suggest watching the film by brother and sister, Tom and Ilona Six, with your family this weekend. What goes better with hot dogs and hamburgers than a movie about a chain of people being attached mouth to a$$?
The Human Centipede 3 is out now in select theaters and it is currently available on OnDemand and online streaming services.


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