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[ # ] The experiment ends on The Baby Borrowers tonight
July 30th, 2008 under The Baby Borrowers

Tonight is the season finale of The Baby Borrowers and I want to thank NBC for being brave enough to air this show. The Baby Borrowers was more than a show it was birth control. Five teenage couples entered the show ready to be parents, and since they have started we have seen two of them break-up and none of them ready to settle down and become parents. We watched as they tried to take care of babies, toddlers, pre-teens, teens and tonight they are given senior citizens. Every three days as they were given an older group of kids, and we watched as they themselves grew up a little more each time. Five couples who thought they were ready to be grown-ups, learned they are way too young to be so old.
While I have not seen tonight’s episode, my friend who has told me she cries every time she sees it. This show is an inspiration and if you are parent or a teen, it is not too late to see why this is more than a show, it is birth control.
So tune into NBC at 9p tonight to see the final part of the experiment on The Baby Borrowers and be amazed how two weeks changed the life of these 5 teens couples and us! The experiment might be ending tonight, but the lesson will stay with them and us for a long time.
Next week NBC brings the five couples and the parents of the kids together for a town hall to see how the changed them. Plus some of the teens in the rumored pregnancy pact from Gloucester, Ma will be there and we will see if they wish this show would have changed their minds before they got themselves pregnant at 15.
Thanks to David from NBC for keeping me in the informed on this brilliant and important show!


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