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[ # ] The Doctors talk about male nipples
May 13th, 2013 under Talk Shows

The Doctors is not afraid to go there and today they are taking on male nipples with one of the worst demonstrations and discussions I have ever seen. I can’t even explain the animation they used to start off the discussion, it really is something you have to see to believe. Then Dr Lisa Masterson started the conversation by telling the other doctors that everyone starts off as a female. She then explained, “We would all go to the women if you didn’t get that Y Factor.” Then she concluded, “You guys always stick that in.” So Dr Lisa, is that why they have pen!ses because they always like to stick it in? On that note, Dr Lisa told Dr Travis Stork and Dr Andrew Ordon that their nipples can still be an erogenous zone for them. It was at that point the discussion went to a place, it never should’ve.
And now I am wondering why I am not watching Doctors everyday? Who knew there was something on during the daytime that was so dirty. The soap operas have nothing on this show.


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