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[ # ] The Boxtrolls needs you to take them home!
January 21st, 2015 under DVD

The Boxtrolls is available now as a Blu-ray 3D Combo pack and this is a must own for kids of all ages.
In 1805, there is a town called Cheesebridge and a little boy has gone missing. The Boxtrolls, who live under the city, are blamed for his disappearance. In fact, a rumor spreads that the trolls who wear boxes have been killing people and their little children too.
The Exterminator aka Snatcher vows to kill them all. When he does, he wants admittance into the very elite cheese council called the White Hats. They don’t want him in their club, but they also don’t want these Boxtolls in their city.
Ten years have passed, and that baby that was given to the Boxtrolls for his safety and was not murdered by them, is now a boy who doesn’t know he is a boy. One day, Eggs leaves his home and finds out how the people above ground feel about his family. Not only does he find out that they hate them all, he also finds out where Snatcher has been hiding them all.
Now Eggs, along with the help of the Mayor’s daughter Winnie, will try to change everyone’s opinions on the Boxtrolls and they will also try to save them all. Will they be able to do it?
You will just have to watch this enjoyable, heartwarming and thrilling stop motion movie to find out.
While that is the film, the Blu-ray comes with plenty of special features for us to enjoy and learn how this classic movie was made. They are: Voicing The Boxtrolls, Inside the Box, The Big Cheese: Allergy Snatcher, Deconstructing the Dance, Think Big: The Mecha Drill, The Nature of Creation, Trolls Right Off the Tongue, Allergic to Easy, Let’s Dance, On the Shoulders of Giants and Feature Commentary with Directors Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi.
What makes them so special is you get to see how the stars of this animated feature came alive. You also learn how they made them dance, got the Boxtrolls to retreat into their boxes; and how they made the Snatcher talk. On that note, you will hear how the people, who voiced the characters, came up with the voices they used for them.
When you watch The Boxtrolls, the animators made it look so simple. In reality, there were a lot of complex steps to make movie magic. To witness what those steps were is so incredible and interesting that all that The Boxtrolls has to offer will mesmerize any film fan.
So add The Boxtrolls to your collection now!


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