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June 25th, 2008 under The Baby Borrowers

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The Baby Borrowers was originally suppose to air in February, but NBC held the show until now and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. With the birth of 17 year old Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby girl last week and with 17 teens under 16 pregnant in one town rumored that most them took part in a a pact to became pregnant, this show could not be more relevant. Teens (and adults ) think it will be easy to be a parent, but these 5 teen couples realize that it is not. It is real life with no help and a life lesson that we all need to learn. So tell everyone you know to watch this show because it is one of the most important shows any prospective parent or parent of any age will and should watch.

Here is my review that I posted back in February.
So I saw the first two episodes of NBC’s The Baby Borrowers premieres tonight and all I can say is wow.
These 5 teen (18-20) couples think they are prepared to be parents and it was so compelling to watch how quickly that all changes when they are faced with real life like challenges. None of them (including me) realized how tough it is to raise a baby and that is only 1/5th of the experiment.
And for those of you who will try to bring controversy to this show saying how could any parent leave their kids with 2 teenagers who have no experience raising a child there is a nanny with them 24 hours a day and the parents monitor them from a near-by house and have the options to talk them or to take the kids away. There is nothing controversial about this show it is only beneficial.
So parents and teachers I highly recommend that you watch this show with your kids because it really shows that being a teen parent is not as easy as looks. Heck it shows being a parent isn’t as easy at looks.
BTW I can’t wait to see how this experiment changed their lives.

Here is what Amy Kramer, Assistant Director, Entertainment Media and Audience Strategy at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy told me about the show.

“The Baby Borrowers is a great, fun show with an important message: that taking care of children is hard work and it requires parents who are committed to each other as well as to their kids. 3 out of 10 girls in the US get pregnant at least once before age 20 and half of all teens never consider how a pregnancy will affect their lives — both good reasons to watch the Baby Borrowers. The teens who took part in this experiment had a chance to learn first hand about the challenges of parenting — if only every teenager who thought they were ready for a family had the same opportunity. Teens and adults alike will find the show compelling — it is funny and sweet and full of real life drama. The Baby Borrowers gets it right.”

Check out The National Campaigns to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy’s guide to watching The Baby Borrowers for parents and teens!

Lastly for anyone who says this show is controversial because how could parents let strangers watch their babies, toddlers, pre-teens and teens, watch the show and you will understand why they did it. What would you rather have another teen pregnancy by someone who is not ready to have a kid or a parent lending their child out for three days for the better cause.
So please watch The Baby Borrowers tonight on NBC at 9p because this show is so important and well done. I would not be so gung-ho on The Baby Borrowers if it wasn’t so f*cking important and such a good show!!!


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