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[ # ] The 2 Bachelorettes proved to be cruel
July 26th, 2022 under The Bachelor

ABC decided to change things up and have two Bachelorettes compete for love on the dating competition.

It sounded good on paper, but they didn’t figure in how the women would feel when they were rejected by their suitors because he prefers the other Bachelorette.

Yesterday, Gabby’s heart was broken multiple times when her dates told her they prefer Rachel over her. She tried to play off that she wasn’t hurt, but you can tell her heart was broken and her confidence destroyed.

Therefore, the producers announced that at the rose ceremony, whichever woman the man accepted a rose from that is the only woman he will be competing for for the rest of the season.

At this point, Rachel’s heart was broken when several of her choices chose Gabby.

The Bachelor franchise is cruel; we know that. But this is the cruelest thing they ever did. My heart goes out to Rachel and Gabby because no one likes to lose a man to another girl, especially several of them on the same night.

I hope they both choose multiple men at the end of the season. I say they should screw the producers over and make them pay for playing with their hearts like this.


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