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[ # ] That ’90s Show is the same Formans, different decade!
November 29th, 2022 under That '70s Show

It feels like it was the ’70s when Netflix announced they are doing a sequel to That ’70s Show.

Well, today they finally announced, after two decades (technically a year), when That ’90s Show is going to stream. So grab your calendars because you are going to want to write down this date. Oh yeah, it is 2022, you want to input January 19th into your iCalendars.

This way, you have enough time to stock up the pot, so you can Netflix & Bake as the series is meant to be viewed. Although it looks so high-larious, you might not need the marijuana to enjoy the show.

And you better watch because you don’t want to piss off Red. If you do, Kitty will not give you any brownies to go with your munchies. And you know you need them.

Oh, and can we discuss how Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp haven’t aged a day in 16 years? What’s up with that?


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