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July 30th, 2018 under YouTube
Dating is hard enough, imagine starting over at 35 in the world of apps that were not around before. That is what Olivia (Carly Craig) is discovering as her married younger sister and widowed mom force her to get back out there. The three of them are going to find out love is not as easy as used to be, but it still worth doing on YouTube Premium’s Sideswiped that is streaming now.

Olivia spends her 35th birthday at the gynecologist who tells her eggs are getting old. Her baby sister (Chelsea Frei), who has a baby of her own, convinces her to go out. It will be the first time Jayne has gone out since she had her daughter. She is ready to party and Olivia is ready to sleep.

Olivia’s mom (Rosanna Arquette) might be a widow in her 50’s but she is still ready to party. She joins her girls on their night out and now it is time for a fun time. Did I tell you that Mary lives with Olivia and the three of them are really close?

So close, Jayne creates a Tinder profile for her sister and a swipe right gets her date (Thomas Lennon). Oh and her mom has already been using the dating app. Back to the birthday girl, imagine how awkward it is for him to meet the whole family all at once on the first date? And that is not why their date goes really bad. That is something you have to see to believe.

Over the show’s first season, Olivia will go out with a few guys and realize dating is not as easy as it used to be. Even though she is dating guys like Tyler Posey. Her mom is having a little more luck with guys like Christopher McDonald, Robert Pine, Rick Springfield and Peter Gallager.

What Mary realizes is being independent for the first time in her life is better than dating. She is a cool woman for her age, so she lands herself a totally awesome job and friend for life. A friend about the same age as her younger daughter.

Talking about Jayne, she is a wild and carefree girl, but married life is holding her back. She will start living her life through her sister’s. That will not get complicated or will it?

At the end of their dates, they have each other. Sometimes that is better than any man. Or at least the ones they are dating.

Therefore, make a date with this show because it is a quick, enjoyable binge. Cannot watch it today? Then watch it when you’re home without a date. It will make you feel better that you do not have one. We all need a show like that.


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