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February 23rd, 2017 under CMT

Back in the ’50s, Rock’n’Roll was just being born and Sam Phillips (Chad Michael Murray) was one of its fathers. He created a little record label/recording studio in Memphis, Tn and tonight at 10p on CMT you will learn his story of Sun Records. Several of the biggest artists of our time sang there and their stories will also be told.

Sam Phillips and his wife Becky (Jennifer Holland) moved to Memphis, so he could live out his dream. Dreams are not cheap and they put all of their money into Sun Records and that is still not enough. It is hard for him to get people to come in and sign up for a recording session that’s only cost $3.98. Back then that was a lot of money. Not only does he have a problem getting people in, Memphis is still racist and they don’t like the fact that African-Americans are coming into his studio.

He isn’t the only one facing a racism backlash. Some kid named Elvis Presley (Drake Milligan) is seen coming out of a Black Church and now the bad boy is blackballed around town especially with the girl he likes.

There is another boy, who likes a girl, and his name is Jerry Lee Lewis (Christian Lees), who can’t date the girl he likes. She is the Preacher’s daughter and her dad doesn’t like the teen. That is until he makes a decision that will change it all. Lewis’ cousin is also on the show, not that one, but Jimmy Swaggart (Jonah Lees). Side note, the TV cousins are twin brothers in real life.

Then there is Radio DJ Dewey Phillips (Keir O’Donnell) who is helping get Sam’s business off of the ground. Only problem is the station doesn’t like the music that Sam is bringing in. Because of that Sam is having financial difficulties and Dewey gets Sam’s assistant hired at the station.

Marion Keisker (Margaret Anne Florence) is not only working at Sun Records and the radio station, she is also sleeping with Sam. That makes things complicated for so many reasons.

There is another new guy in Memphis and his name is Colonel Tom Parker (Billy Gardell). This is him before he signed Elvis, so he is a lot different than the man we know. He didn’t come alone, he came with Country singer Eddy Arnold (Trevor Donovan) and he is growing tired of the Colonel’s ways.

See what I mean, lots for music lovers to love. Plus, it is a great fit with Nashville that is so much better on its new home. Therefore, tune in tonight and every Thursday at 10p for a period drama that is great balls of fire!!!

Seriously, I don’t know what CMT is doing, but they are killing with scripted programming between this, Nashville and Still the King. I love this network’s shows including these 3 shows and I Love Kellie Pickler!


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