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April 24th, 2016 under Smithsonian Channel

Whether you are a sports fan or not, you know that there are some iconic items from every game. Some are so iconic that even you know what they are. We know what happened to them on that day, but where are they today. Tonight at 9p on Smithsonian Channel the Sports Detective will locate some of them and find out what actually happened to them since the day they were made famous.
On tonight’s season premiere, they look into the American flag that was draped over Jim Craig after the Miracle on Ice game back in 1980. Sports Reporter Lauren Gardner and former FBI Agent and current Private Investigator will talk the man who draped it on the hockey player. He claims he kept it for over a decade and then gave it to who he felt was the rightful owner, Jim Craig. But then there were reports that Jim Craig gave the flag to a player on the opposing team. What really happened to the flag? The answer is finally answered by Jim Craig and it is really interesting how it all went down.
In the coming weeks, they look into what happened to Jim Brown’s Championship ring, that the football player says was stolen, and the ball from the Immaculate Reception. They will look at file footage and articles, talk to police and even Brown’s lawyers. Will they be able to come to a conclusion on what happened to that ring?
They also look at what happened to Dale Earnhardt’s first car and Secretariat’s saddle cloth from his Kentucky Derby win. Where is Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series ball and a baseball bat that was used by Lou Gehrig? What happened to the ball that Wilt Chamberlin scored his 100th point in one game on March 2, 1962. Finally, they talk to Muhammad Ali about his Gold Medal from the 1960 Olympics.
Today, these items go for millions of dollars, but are they real thing? The Sports Detectives will try to determine that and as they do you will learn what really happened in game changing sports moment that we still talk about today. I am not a sports fan, but I felt like one watching this series.


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