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[ # ] So that is what Sandra said to The Golden Bachelor!
September 29th, 2023 under The Bachelor

Yesterday was the premiere of The Golden Bachelor on ABC, and Gerry Turner got to meet the women who will be vying for his love.

One of the women was Sandra from Atlanta, and she was nervous to meet him. Therefore, she wanted to do her Zen practice to relax her, and she asked Gerry to do it with her.

Sandra took a few deep breaths, crossed her hands in front of her, released them, brought them back together, and said a calming word. However, we couldn’t hear the word because ABC censored what she said. So we were left to guess what she was slowly chanting.

Thankfully, The Golden Bachelor social media team didn’t want us to suffer, so they released the uncensored version. And now we know what they said. What was the magic word? It was fuck!

And now, I am rooting for Sandra to win!

Aunt Chippy was my first choice, but she slept through the ceremony and didn’t get a rose. Poor Aunt Chippy.


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